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This site contains the documentation and original web component of the interdisciplinary project, “Pyounghwa.html”. The original web component was designed to work in conjunction with a site-specific outdoor installation on the wall of the ancient castle at Kong Ju, South Korea. The Korean art organization, YATOO, commissioned the piece in October of 2001. The entire work is intended as a memorial and a meditation on peace in the wake of the 9/11 attacks.

For the installation in Korea a gate tower of an ancient fortress was turned into an interactive venue for the local community and visiting artists to share their thoughts on peace. Several hundred “flags” of red Korean rice paper were hung form the gate pavilion. 88 of these were marked with the Korean symbol for peace. They also had on them a web address that linked to a black page that only showed the tragic news clip looping now at the top of this page (www.h-e-r-e.com/pyounghwa.html). From this web page the only hyperlink was to another black page that listed the words for "peace" in the language of every casualty of the 9/11 attack.

At the installation site in Korea hundreds of other red “flags” were left blank and made available in the installation. A writing desk was provided and visitors were invited to write their thoughts about peace and hang their flag with the others. By the end of the first full day of the exhibition over 200 contributions had been made in over a dozen languages.

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