Tango Panopticon

2009 and ongoing

All around the world, hundreds of people danced on May 1, 2009 and 2010 in front of surveillance cameras in a synchronous international public art event of unprecedented scale. Using Pango, our free open source software, the dancers and the public at each location are invited to participate by streaming live video from mobile phones to the Internet, connecting the participants in a live, virtual global dance party. Video from Panopticon events around the world was included in a video installation at the Digital Resources for Humanities and Arts conference at Brunel University, London.

A production of the event was also included in the ElectroSmog Festival in Amsterdam with live links to other institutions including Eyebeam in New York and Media Lab at the Prado in Madrid.

Pango will be released at CAA in February 2011 and available to any group to use for their own geo-mapped synchronous streaming web video from events anywhere in the world.

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Still from video installation, Tango Panopticon, during DRHA Conference at Brunel University, London, 2010