Tango Intervention

2007 and ongoing

Tango Intervention is an ongoing series of site specific public dance actions, each referring to a hidden local history that is revealed by an accompanying website, and further explored in videos, digital prints and installations. Tango Interventions have been performed in 30 cities on four continents since 2007. Brief and gentle interruptions of urban routine, Tango Interventions surprise, and delight people.

TI innovatively contradicts itself: sensual/essentialist/absurdist on the street; critical/political/deconstructive on the web. TI continues my unique contribution to contemporary practice of presenting physical art that is radically re-conceived on the Internet, initiating a needed consideration of our contemporary life lived on dual, often contradictory, planes of the real and virtual.

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Tango Derive, WIlliamsburg Bridge, 2.1 mile tango from Lower East Side across the East River to WIlliamsburg during Conflux Festival, 2007.