Ld Lawrence is interested in how possible meanings of a shape or symbol change when teamed with other shapes and set into shifting contexts. She spends her days scouting city streets for iron walls, doors, grates, and gates…all receptive magnetic surfaces. There’s a lot of iron in New York. She places magnetic shapes on iron surfaces to create public interactive street art. Unlike painted graffiti, her work is temporary, mobile and interactive. After arranging shapes on a ferrous surface, she document the work, then either removes the pieces making the work invisible, or leaves it in location while she becomes invisible and observes how the public reacts with the piece. Once people realize the pieces are movable the playful interaction begins. This current street series grew from a studio practice of adding powdered ferrous particles to paint applied to gallery walls creating a magnetically receptive surface for movable interactive murals. Extending the negative space of her compositions to include the weathered patina of city surfaces is a logical progression from her more controlled studio work. The movement into urban street art gives the work a social turn of expanded dimensions. Lawrence’s paintings have been exhibited extensively in New York and Internationally, most recently at Saemteo Gallery in Seoul, South Korea.


  To fathom a world where ‘friend’ is now a verb, Robert Lawrence deploys Internet elements simultaneously with physical actions in public space, offering renegotiations of assumed social contracts. Through this hybrid practice he examines ways identity is continually reconstructed, through our often contradictory engagements with physical and virtual networks. Approaching electronic art as social sculpture, Lawrence works to reformulate still restrictive rolls of media producer and media consumer. Tango Panopticon 2.0 was the first world-wide art intervention to stream live video simultaneously from cell phones in 18 international cities. To offer this presentation/intervention format to anyone through a simple open source interface he develop Vupango, a free plugin for WordPress. The umbrella project for these actions, Tango Intervention has been produced in 42 international cities since 2007, including Berlin, Vienna, Krakow, Johannesburg, Miami, Beirut, and Phnom Penh. Upcoming project Horizon will feature streaming video from 40 live performances, each directly engaging the horizon line around the world.